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Our Cookie Policy describes why and how we use cookies, and how you can opt out or change your cookie settings, if you choose.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of text that websites store in your browser, to help them provide services and functionality, and to conduct marketing.

Are cookies required?

Some cookies are necessary to let our website provide the services you have requested, such as remembering the items you have in your shopping cart. If you block all cookies on our website, you will still be able to browse, but some features will not work as expected.

Other cookies are used for statistics, optimisation and marketing. These let us improve our website over time or personalise your experience. However, they are not strictly necessary and you can opt out with the instructions below.

How we use cookies

We have tried to explain how we use cookies as clearly as possible, so we do not list the specific, technical names of individual cookies. Instead, we name the services, link to their privacy policies (where you can get more information) and describe the purpose of their cookies.

Some third party services might also track your browsing activity for their own purposes and as described in their privacy policy, without our control. We do not have access to this data.

Links to privacy policies and opt out information

Although we do our best to keep this policy up to date, we cannot warrant that all links to third party privacy policies or opt out options are accurate at all times.

Necessary for services and functionality

Necessary cookies allow our website to provide basic services and functions, such as:

  • Logging into your customer account.

  • Remembering what items you have in your shopping cart.

  • Distributing traffic across servers, so our website stays fast.

We also use cookies to remember your preferences, like that you’ve closed a pop up or accepted our cookie policy.


Privacy Policy

Our ecommerce platform provider is BigCommerce. They also use a variety of third party services to maintain and optimize their platform, some of which use cookies. We don’t control these cookies or have access to the information they collect.

Analytics and performance

We use these services to monitor and analyze how our website is used, so we can optimize performance and improve your experience.

In practical terms, this data is anonymous and aggregated. Your data might be connected to a unique identifying number, but it does not contain or let us see any directly personal information, like your name or email address.

BigCommerce Analytics

Privacy Policy

Our ecommerce platform provider (BigCommerce) uses specific cookies to track and provide aggregate marketing analytics for us to analyze and improve our shop experience.

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

Privacy Policy | Opt Out

Google Analytics provides web analytics and reporting tools.

Advertising Features for Google Analytics - DoubleClick (Google Inc.)

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Google Analytics is configured to use the DoubleClick cookie (Google’s advertising network) to combine your usage data with demographics and interests data, inferred by your past browsing history with DoubleClick. This data is fully anonymised and cannot be associated with an individual, regardless of whether we know their identity.

Facebook Pixel (Facebook, Inc.)

Privacy Policy

The Facebook Pixel provides usage data to the Facebook Analytics service. It can also show us how people use our website after they click on a Facebook ad (conversion tracking).

Advertising and targeting


Privacy Policy

We use ActiveCampaign for marketing automation and email marketing. It uses cookies to record how an ActiveCampaign contact uses our website, so we can provide them with more useful and relevant marketing.

You must be logged in to your customer account for this cookie to be used.

Facebook Custom Audiences - Remarketing (Facebook, Inc.)

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Facebook Custom Audiences uses cookies to create groups of Facebook users who have already visited our website. This lets us use remarketing to show more relevant ads to these groups.


Privacy Policy

We use Zotabox to show promotions on our website. It uses cookies to remember when you’ve closed a promotion so we don’t show it to you again.

Connecting to social networks

Our website displays content from social networks and provides social sharing services. These services might collect usage data even if you don’t have an account with them.

AddThis Inc.

Privacy Policy

We use AddThis to let users share our products on social media and print or email them, using buttons on each product page.


Cookie Policy


Cookie Policy

How to consent or opt out of cookies

Opt out for specific services

Opt out of the cookies used by specific third party services using the individual links listed above, if provided, or by following instructions given by that third party in their privacy policy. You may also be able to contact them directly to withdraw consent.

Manage them in your own browser

You can control cookies within your own browser and on your own device, in order to:

  1. Delete some or all cookies already saved by this or any other website.

  2. Prevent all third party cookies. (This is a specific type of cookie and does not always prevent cookies from third party services, especially analytics and performance tools.)

  3. Block or automatically clear cookies for this or any other specific website.

Information for managing your cookies in the most common browsers can be found here: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer.


You can email

You can send a letter to:

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We also encourage you to read the Privacy Policies of the third party services listed above to get more specific information about the technical attributes of their cookies, including the specific cookie names.