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SpyX Micro Door Alarm

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  • SpyX Micro Door Alarm

Are your children a fan of Sherlock Holmes or James Bond? They love detectives and look forward to being a spy one day? Here is a little spy gadget that will have them all excited. This is a black and red Micro Door Alarm from Spy X that alerts whenever someone enters the room. It would make a wonderful collection to their existing spy gadgets, or if they are just beginning their journey of a spy, this could even be their first special gadget. The Micro Door Alarm is a wonderful way to intrigue the children's imagination with different activities and imaginative play related to spies. The micro door alarm is designed to detect vibrations and motions and goes off whenever someone walks into the room where it has been set. It would make a wonderful gift, especially for kids who love anything to do with spy gadgets. Spy X Micro Door Alarm is recommended for children aged 6 years and above.

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